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Tire Retreading


Superior Tire Service employs state of the art processes and equipment in our manufacturing facilities, bringing new-tire reliability and performance to our truck tire retreads. We offer a complete line of remanufactured truck tires, from our economical and durable STS industrial retreads to our state-of-the-art MICHELIN® Retread Technology (MRT) retreads.


MICHELIN® Retread Technologies

Why trust your retreads to anyone else? No other retread can boast the use of MICHELIN® new-tire technology and rigorous quality control. Utilizing MICHELIN’s new-tire design technology, proven tread designs and MICHELIN® new-tire manufacturing standards, MRT delivers reliable retreads all specifically designed to meet your critical needs.

MICHELIN® Retread Technologies are designed to drive your cost-per-mile down to a new, all-time low. Behind each of our retreads is a state-of-the-art, multi-step process that utilizes the most advanced equipment in the industry. Each step in the process brings us closer to our goal: to provide you the best performing retreads you will ever run. If sustainability is a goal, it can also be achieved through retreading. Ultimately, MICHELIN® retreads will help you achieve lower costs on the road and help improve your bottom line.

You’ll see:

  • Increased reliability
  • Lowered downtime
  • Lower cost-per-mile

Additional benefits to MRT Custom Mold Retreads include:

  • Improved rolling resistance
  • Enhanced uniformity
  • Improved reliability (no splice)
  • Respects new tire architecture


MICHELIN® Retread Technologies - Grazing Light Inspection


MICHELIN® Retread Process

Our retread process begins with a revolutionary inspection of your used casings. Next, we give your tires a state-of-the-art buffing, to ensure that the new tread bonds tightly to your existing casings. Though our specially engineered cushion extrusion process, we’ll provide a durable bonding layer, preparing your tire for one of our high performance pre-mold or custom treads. After we build the tread, we’ll send it through our curing process.

The end result is something genuinely new, and we believe dramatically better. To find out more about how no other retread is a MICHELIN®, watch the visual tour by clicking here.

Step by step videos of the retreading process. To see please click here.


MICHELIN® Retread Warranty

To view the MICHELIN® retread warranty please click here.

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Superior Tire Service

Superior Tire Service offers some of the best Brands of Tires, and great Automotive Repair Services in Longview WA,Eugene OR, Salem OR and Portland OR. The Tire Brands that are always in stock are: MICHELIN®, BFGoodrich® and Uniroyal®. The Automotive Services include: Preventive Maintenance, Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Four Wheel Drive Systems, Wheel Alignment, Diesel Engine Systems, Belts and Hoses, Lube and Oil Change, Steering and Suspension, Axle/CV Joint/Driveshaft Repair, Electrical: Starting/Charging/Batteries, Cooling System/Radiator Repair, and Differential Repair.